Monday, December 1, 2008

From Defiance to Submission

Ivan, a gifted child, who has the ability to read since the age of three, joined the kindergarten. He, however, did not comply to school rules often wanting to do things according to his own way and time.

The discipline action adopted by the Kindergarten was time out or standing for a few minutes. Ivan was asked to stand for a few minutes when he did something wrong. It was never easy to get him to comply. Each time he refused to accept it, protesting loudly, "I don't want to!" Teacher had to be firmed with him explaining and insisting that he abide by the rules. It was a trying time but slowly with much love and Bible teaching, explaining what's right and wrong, he began to understand why he had to comply to rules or subject himself to discipline.

It amazed the teacher one day when on his own accord informed that he had done something wrong and asked, "How long must I stand?" There was no longer the argument. He was told to stand for five minutes. Teacher was very busy that she forgotten to time Ivan. He was calmly standing there, with no animosity at all.

Then he asked, "How long more do I have to stand?"

"Oh no!" replied teacher, "You have stood longer than you should. I am so sorry. You may go now. Remember to behave yourself and you don't have to do stand at all."

Ivan happily ran along.

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