Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Correcting With Love

Lewis, a 5 years old boy, misbehaved himself. Teacher was there to correct him and told him that he had to stand for a few minutes. Like everyone else, nobody likes to be disciplined. He, however, complied but with anger and burst out to Teacher saying, "I don't like you!"

But Teacher calmly replied, "But I love you. I want to train you to be a good boy."

Lewis had a birthday celebration in school the next morning. The Teacher who disciplined him came in the afternoon. Upon seeing her, Lewis excitedly requested to go to the kitchen. What a pleasant surprise for Teacher when Lewis brought to her a piece of his birthday cake specially reserved for her. Teacher was so glad and thanked Lewis for his thoughtfulness in remembering her.

A child receiving correction with love is capable of understanding and in turn response correctly.

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