Monday, October 13, 2008

How Would You Spend A Holiday?

It is a public holiday, if you were to ask a child, "What would you like to do today?" I am sure they will have many interesting suggestions. Let me tell you a true incident that happened. The name of the child has been changed.

A special child, was turned away by many mainstream kindergartens, found a place in the Kindergarten where I used to worked. Darren has speech impediment. He stammered in his speaking. He was with our kindergarten for 3 years. This happened when he was in K2 (K5 for US).

With the upcoming Good Friday holiday ahead, his mother asked him what would he like to do. She suggested a family picnic, an outing together, doing some fun things, etc.

But Darren said, "I I I... w w want to oo oo t t t ell p p peo ple a a a ... " .

He wanted to tell people that Jesus died for them as it was a Good Friday holiday. A boy, who could not speak properly, who struggled to talk, wanted to tell others about what the Lord has done for them. This spoke very loudly to my heart. It shamed and challenged me. Guess what they did that day? They went passing out tracts to people.

When the family was relocating to another country, they had a yard sale. With the money obtained from selling his personal belongings and toys, Darren thought of others. He bought towels for the children living in the mountains of Thailand and story books for children in Philippines.

A small boy with a big heart!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Are young children spiritually sensitive?

Can young children have a burden for others? Are they serious in spiritual matter? The answer is: Yes, they certainly are, they are tenderhearted.

The episodes to follow are true stories, only their names have been changed. I had the privilege of knowing them and being touched by their young lives. Hope you too would be challenged and encouraged as you read along.

A long time ago, in Greenville, South Carolina, there was a little 5-year old girl named Rhonda. There was a day when she had to stay at the church together with a group of children and the care-givers. Her mother had joined the ladies' group doing visitation around the neighborhood.

Mother informed Rhonda that they would be calling on one of her Sunday School classmates. Sean had been absent for a while and they hope to share the good news of the Gospel with his parents.

They lived in a little house with many cats and dogs. It was amazing to see so many of these creatures living together in harmony. They were all over the yard, in the house and even on the roof top. Mother was amazed at the sight and was feeling a little nervous, being surrounded with these animals.

Upon returning from the visit, Mother immediately shared with Rhonda what she thought might interest her little daughter most. The excitement of seeing so many cats and dogs that her friend had. She politely let Mother finished relating the encounter with the animals without interrupting.

She then calmly asked, "Did Sean's parents get saved?"

Mother was taken aback as she thought that her young daughter would be more interested in the animals than the souls of men. A child of five, sharing concern on spiritual matters and salvation of others.

A Little Child Shall Them... learning humility.

A true story with change of names.
Ryan, an 8-year old, a Primary 2 (2nd grade) student, was absent from school one day as he was unwell. That day their class teacher returned their marked Mathematics Examination Paper to the students. Teacher went through all the questions together with the class.

After school that day, Annabelle, Ryan's classmate called him on the phone. After their short talk has ended, Ryan was still standing quietly by the phone. His mother noticed and asked him what he was doing.
"I'm praying" was the reply.
"Is there any problem?" Mother asked again sounding anxious.
Ryan calmly said, "No, I am thanking God for helping me to get a perfect score of 100 marks for my Mathematics Exam." A quiet and simple statement by Ryan.

At this point it was Mother who learned a lesson on humility and gratefulness. Thank God for a humble heart and one who acknowledges God's enablement in his doings. Mother would have expected a shout, a jump, a sense of pride (which are normal reactions) or for a scheming child a bargain. There are some who would ask their parents, "What would you give me if I get perfect score for my test paper." But not this child. Thanks be to God!