Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Little Child Shall Them... learning humility.

A true story with change of names.
Ryan, an 8-year old, a Primary 2 (2nd grade) student, was absent from school one day as he was unwell. That day their class teacher returned their marked Mathematics Examination Paper to the students. Teacher went through all the questions together with the class.

After school that day, Annabelle, Ryan's classmate called him on the phone. After their short talk has ended, Ryan was still standing quietly by the phone. His mother noticed and asked him what he was doing.
"I'm praying" was the reply.
"Is there any problem?" Mother asked again sounding anxious.
Ryan calmly said, "No, I am thanking God for helping me to get a perfect score of 100 marks for my Mathematics Exam." A quiet and simple statement by Ryan.

At this point it was Mother who learned a lesson on humility and gratefulness. Thank God for a humble heart and one who acknowledges God's enablement in his doings. Mother would have expected a shout, a jump, a sense of pride (which are normal reactions) or for a scheming child a bargain. There are some who would ask their parents, "What would you give me if I get perfect score for my test paper." But not this child. Thanks be to God!

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