Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Wonderful Reunion

Oh what joy it was to have the family members all under one roof for seven days. Though short it may be, it certainly was sweet. My daughter, son-in-law, grandson and grand-daughter flew across the Pacific Ocean to visit us. It was a very happy reunion, although it was just nine months ago when my husband, my son and I were over at their home for Christmas 2007. Both the grand-children have grown especially our grand-daughter who was only a wee little one of two months old back then. She is now eleven months and has won and captured many hearts by her winsome smile and her friendly and charming disposition. Certainly we have much to be grateful to God for His mercy, grace and love.

Seven days passed by so swiftly and it was time for the guys to leave. Our son-in-law and grandson took their leave while our daughter and grand-daughter got to spend another seven days with us. That was a blessing indeed! We visited relatives and friends and did some shopping.

The days went by too quickly and it was time to say "Good-bye". We entrusted mother and daughter to the Lord as traveling was not easy, alone and with an infant in arms, on a long, long journey. But the Lord was good, He provided the strength and saw them safely home to be reunited with their loved ones. The Lord truly is good!

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Ethereal Rhapsody said...

It was really a good time and a good memory. Thanks again for everything. Looking forward to the next time we can do that all over again. Miss you, dad and reu